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Thread: PC freezing up with various MS products

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    Default PC freezing up with various MS products

    Can someone help? I have recently had issues with my PC freezing up with CPU usage at 100%. I first experienced it with IE 6.0. I began using Firefox without problem but started to notice the PC would also freeze with the same symptoms randomly with MS Outlook, MS Money and most recently Quicken Deluxe. It appears to be occurring when these applications connect to the internet.

    As I mentioned, this does not seem to be a problem with my other applications like Firefox, iTunes, etc.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Might be related to (?)

    There have been a lot of problems lately with svchost taking 100% of cpu. Related to windows updates and due to a microsoft bug. We haven't had the problem, so I haven't checked out the hotfix or other user-suggested fixes.

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    As Lord Cobol said, there have been a few problems lately.

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