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Thread: svchost.exe

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    Question svchost.exe


    i have a big problem with the task: svchost.exe which is making more than 80 processus at the time and using al the memory of the computer.
    i check out for a virus, worms... and malwares and i didnt find anything

    I reinstalled all the operating system and when i installed the "Office 2007" the problem became, so, I deleted the program and anything changed

    so one mor time a reinstalled the operating system and i installed the update: "VAIO Media Integrated Server 3.1/4.x/5.0", and...the problem again (im not sure if was was that)

    Now, Idont know where is the problem
    so if anyone can help me to fix this i will be more than happy

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    Please see this topic:

    You might have to go to the Microsoft Newsgroups with your inquiry.
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