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Thread: Disabled Startup Group Items

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    Default Disabled Startup Group Items


    When running RunAlyzer on WinPE and disabling items that are in the Startup group in the Start Menu on XP, upon rebooting the PC back into Windows, on some PCs on startup I get error messages for each item I disabled to say it can't identify the file type for.. for example


    Looks like something is making Windows not recognised it as a disabled startup item, and it's trying to run it anyway. So far I've experienced this on about 5 different PCs, all WinXP.

    Any Ideas?


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    ".disabled" is the Spybot approach. When you install Spybot-S&D, it will register blindman.exe as the file extension handler for all .disabled files. That way, no error will be shown.

    I might look at implementing a way that is msconfig-compatible, but I found this one somewhat easer to find if one wants to change it manually afterwards (changing the file extension instead of having to find a registry entry and recreate a link file based on parameters in there).
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