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Thread: Windows Vista and Spybot S&D?

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    Default Windows Vista and Spybot S&D?

    I just purchased a new laptop with the vista operating system. I was wondering if spybot is compatable with the windows vista.

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    Default Runs ok, needs admin confirmation

    Hi Lentz, I have it running with Vista Home Premium for 2 months now. It works reliable and does its job. The only drawback right now is, that for it to automatically run after startup you need to be either running an admin account (bad thing to do) or, if you log in as standard user (smart thing to do) then you need to confirm S&D with the admin pwd first. I asked the team about it and that's what they told me, which is fair enough:

    Hello Markus,

    We know that Problem, but it can just be adjustet by Microsoft, changing the user privileges.
    Currently we work on a new Spybot Version, and we try to override this.

    Please be patient.

    Best Regards,
    Team Spybot

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