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Thread: How many malware scaners/removers antiviruses, ect is too much?

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    Question How many malware scaners/removers antiviruses, ect is too much?

    i have a list of programs, and i was wondering whether or not i went overboard, or not?

    avast antivirus pro
    Adaware 6 + AdWatch
    Spybot (of course)
    Spyware Blaster
    Pc Rescue
    Comodo Firewall Pro
    Comcast Desktop Doctor (i never use this trash it dosen't even open i get some message about scripts and it opens in IE which i never use)

    and i just recently removed Trojan Hunter and Window Washer
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    avast antivirus pro.

    Not having it installed, I don't know how avast! 4 Professional's Network Shield and Web Shield interact with other programs.
    Avast is often mentioned in program referrals, and having a resident AV installed is a must.

    Adaware 6 + AdWatch

    Should be fine, check their forums for any reports on compatibility issues.
    As AdWatch and Teatimer both provide resident protection, you may consider disabling one or the other, and try them both out separately to see which you prefer.


    HJT is a tool, not a preventive program. It should be used only by people who are very experienced with an operating system which is one reason only authorized helpers are allowed to give advice in our malware removal forum.

    In the hands of an inexperienced person, it's use could lead to Windows instability.

    Spybot (of course)


    Spyware Blaster

    Good program.

    Pc Rescue

    Isn't that a company rather than a program?

    Comodo Firewall Pro

    I liked their free firewall which I used before moving to the Vista operating system, I have not used the Pro version.
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