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Thread: Error message on starting

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    Default Error message on starting

    I've just stated receivieng the following mesage when I start spybot S&D

    "This application has changed since it was created

    Since Spybot- S&D does not change itself, we recommend you check your system for malware & viruses instantly! "

    Contained in a grey box with a red circle & white cross

    The programme starts ok & the scan runs

    Any clues on how to proceed?
    or what needs to be changed.


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    Hello.Please see md usa spybot fan's post here:
    From this thread:

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    This application has been changed since it was created.

    Since Spybot-S&D does not change itself, we recommend you check your system for malware and viruses instantly!
    That message has been caused in the past by failing memory (RAM) and I suggest that you consider running a memory diagnostic program. If your system didn't come with diagnostic routines including a memory test there is one here:



    Quote Originally Posted by stevegee58 View Post
    I'll be damned. I've been receiving this very error message myself occasionally. And sure enough, I ran that memory tester and one of my DIMMs was bad. I went ahead and not only replaced the bad DIMM but also took the liberty of doubling my RAM from 500MB to 1GB. So far, so good.

    One thing I find disturbing is how the computer seemed to work OK 99.9% of the time. I would have thought that having bad RAM would cause constant crashing but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Anyway, thanks for the information. It looks like this may have actually fixed the problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by 502512 View Post
    Downloaded both memtest86 v3.2 from and memtest86+ v1.7 from The latter is an updated version of the original memtest86 v3.2 which has not been updated since some time in 2004.

    Results were clearly bad. In a little over an hour's testing, my one 256MB ram module racked up over 2000 individual errors. Time for a visit to the local computer store. Well, at least this gives me a chance to upgrade to a greater amount of memory. Since my Iwill cube only has one memory slot, I'm getting a 1GB module.

    I have other information to pass on after I upgrade the memory and rerun the test.


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