I'm not a new member I just lost my login info so i had to create a knew one. I read in a thread a post about how symantec threat Spybot, bellow is a message I send to symantec about a problem I had. Really all I have to say a thank you to you this forum and Atribune and all other free tools I found in here. thank you.

Trojan,Vundo virus. I had that alert window open and I couldn't close it,. I tried everything I found in your knowledge base to remove it manually to no avail.Even tried your removal tools for tojan,Vundo AND trojan,VundoB. Couldn't rewmoved the trojan. Actually trojan,Vundo tool, I download from Symantec, after scan told me I wasn't infected. But Norton alert windows was still there.""VIRUS ALERT" Trojan,Vundo, unable to repair file." How I did got infected for first time as Norton always running on taskbar? And why Symantec look just to our wallet? I say that because no actually help for home users. Even a quick response to a problem must be paid off. Why I pay for a program that don't give me the protection I want? And why must be all about money? Reall profesionals try to help single users for free, and thank God for these professionals I got my PC clean. My renewal date expires at 02/16/2008. Tell me a good reason I must renew or upgrade. If and when you stop see home users as more $$ in your bank account and can really help them ,maybe I reconsider a renewal. Till then I better donate to all this pro out there that they really want to help home users.And don't pay "pro" who only care for their bank account. Take a look at tomCoyote's help site, at SpybotSEARCH&DESTROY, ATRIBUNE.ORG, and so many others,and then you can realize what profesional help mean. A PC virus is like a virus in human body. Everyone must be cured and not only those who have $$$ in their pockets. When you understand that and stop fight the good competition,then maybe you can get the interest of home users. Thank you for your time.And thanks for nothing. I may keep use Norton since February 2008, but not after that.

P.S. I cleaned my PC with the help of spybots forum and Atribune perfect VundoFix Tool. So I owe them. To you I owe a thanks for nothing.