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    Hi was reading the tutorial and it mentions SB can be set to automatically run...

    I am not able to locate the ADD button in SB.


    The Scheduler page allows you to add an entry to automatically run Spybot-S&D to the Windows scheduler. To do this, you first have to click the Add button, then set the necessary properties (scheduled time etc.) through the Edit button. You can remove a task later on by using the Remove button. Custom options that you will see are checkboxes to decide if you want to automatically fix problems after the scheduled scan, and to close the program after scanning/fixing has finished.

    The Edit button opens the default Windows task properties dialog, so that you can change the task like any other Windows Scheduler task.

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    Go into Spybot > Mode > Advanced mode > Settings > Scheduler. The Add button is at the top of the right-hand pane.

    You have to use the Add button and then the Edit button.

    Also note: With XP the user account that adds the schedule entry must have a password. This is because Spybot uses the OS scheduler and XP requires a password to schedule.

    Also see the following:
    Are there any command line parameters?

    Common parameters used:

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