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Thread: Google Cache

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    Question Google Cache

    How do you delete Google's Cache?

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    Did you already tried to delete you temporary files?

    Please also do the following:
    Clean your Cache and Cookies in IE:

    * Close all instances of Outlook Express and Internet Explorer
    * Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > General tab
    * Click the "Delete Cookies" button
    * Next to it, Click the "Delete Files" button
    * When prompted, place a check in: "Delete all offline content",
    click OK

    Clean your Cache and Cookies in Firefox (In case you also have
    Firefox installed):

    * Go to Tools > Options.
    * Click Privacy in the menu on the left side of the Options window.
    * Click the Clear button located to the right of each option
    (History, Cookies, Cache).
    * Click OK to close the Options window
    Alternatively, you can clear all information stored while browsing
    by clicking Clear All.
    A confirmation dialog box will be shown before clearing the

    Clean other Temporary files + Recycle bin

    * Go to start > run and type: *cleanmgr* and click ok.
    * Let it scan your system for files to remove.
    * Make sure Temporary Files, Temporary Internet Files, and Recycle
    Bin are the only things checked.
    * Press OK to remove them.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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