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Thread: Spybot & New XP Home User Accounts

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    Question Spybot & New XP Home User Accounts


    I'm not sure how to search this issue so hopefully it is okay to post a question?

    Recently my mother purchased a new Windows XP Home computer for herself. As it turns out it has become the "household" computer :( which means she is now sharing it with another of her children and a boarder.

    I didn't realize that this would be a problem but it seems it has become one.

    I should preface this with the fact that I spent most of a whole day last week installing and updating Security software on the computer. Then last night I find out a friend (of my sibling & the boarder) came over and created two additional User Accounts (with Admin privilages.)

    When I heard I suggested that my Mom re-immunize in Spybot. After clicking on the "Immunize" button the message received was all bad addresses are already being blocked. The thing is I am sure I read here that Spybot will immunize each User Account seperately? She checked the Desktops of the other Users and neither shows a Spybot Icon. Which may or may not mean something?

    My question is: Is it possible that these New Accounts can choose NOT to run Spybot & it's SD Helper? In fact, since they have Admin privilages does this mean that they can use the Control Panel and the Add /Remove or the Security Center to uninstall /undo all the Security updates I made?

    Thanks in advance for any help and /or advice offered. (I'm pretty much a novice with Windows XP so please be gentle with me, LOL!)


    p.s. Yesterday morning before this happened I had spent somewhere around an hour on the phone with my Mom helping her use the Spybot and Ad-Aware programs to eliminate almost 30 Spyware bits that had been downloaded in the last 3 days.

    p.p.s. I hope the computer is clean but I'm not even sure as one of the issues was with "SpywareCleaner" and its alerts :o
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