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Thread: how to remove earlier immunized sites by spybot in IE6

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    Default how to remove earlier immunized sites by spybot in IE6


    I ve been using spybot since a while and find it a great
    product. but since lately i ve this problem. I use IE6 and
    find that its using lot of cpu when accessing internet.
    I think its because of large no. of bad sites that
    spybot added to restricted zone. now i ve
    de immunized them from spybot. but they
    are still to be found in IE 6 restricted site list.
    even if i remove them manually (they are lot
    many) and ok it. but they return every time.
    any help in how to remove them would be
    appreciated. thanks in advance.

    the following key in registry
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility

    has lot of enteries. would it be good idea to delete
    everything under this key. because all active x are
    disabled by default in all zones of ie.

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    Go into Spybot > Immunize and click the "Undo" button near the top of the right pane. As long as you don't manually immunize or run command line execution of Spybot with a parameter of "/autoimmunize", the immunization should not return.

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