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    Default ndyncfg.exe

    Hi all,

    I downloaded the latest definitions last friday and since then I receive a TeaTimer message stating that NDYNCFG.EXE has been identified as Virtumonde. I used VinduFix for checking whether or not I had this trojan. Well, according to VinduFix I don't have it. I used Spybot, negative response. I tried AdAware, negative response.
    NDYNCFG.EXE is a Lotus Notes file. TeaTimer keeps crashing my Notes, which makes it hard to work with. I have disabled TeaTimer to get rid of the problem.
    Can you please look into the issue.

    Many many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,


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    this appears to be a false positive , to remove this from our detection please submit the NDYNCFG.EXE
    to (replace at with @), so we can adjust our detection to exclude this file.
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