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Thread: How many antispyware should I use in order to avoid conflicts?

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    Question How many antispyware should I use in order to avoid conflicts?

    Hi forum debators,
    Should I use many antispywares together or only one is enough? I have read AS scanners are not like Antivirus scanners, that is, the users should use more than one because the other one might cover another spyware not detected by the first one. Is that true? How many AS Scanners are convenient to use to avoid conflicts? Two, three or four...and so on? Only one is enough? Best Regards.

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    As you say AntiSpyware scanners do not conflict as much as AntiVirus, BUT, having more than one "realtime" can be a drain on your PC's efficiency.
    If you want to use more than one then it is probably best that have one that runs all the time, and then you can use as many as you want "on demand" ie you run them manually as and when is convenient for you.
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    Yes, it doesnt conflict as much as antivirus.

    There are no Antivirus that works and kills all threats but its kind of a problem to keep more than 1 antivirus on the same SO because they need to scan and search in realtime and that makes them conflict a lot.

    With Anti Spywares its a bit different because there are a lot of them that you can run only to scan the system and after that shut it down.
    Spybot its like that... you run the main program only to scan the system BUT the difference is that there is also another part of the Spybot that stays on real time searching for threats. Its the "Spybot-SD Resident".

    I think that if you keep 2 antispywares with realtime protection would crash one of them sometimes and you would have a lot of headache.

    As antivirus, there is no antispyware that works 100% so its always good for you to have at least 2 programs on your system. One with "realtime protection" like the Spybot and another one to cover back the first one.

    For the main program i use Spybot for years and years and still my fav. For second one you can run pretty much any other one well known without the realtime protection that will work fine.
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