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    Exclamation eBlaster

    Recently, I have run into a person who has had someone install eBlaster on several of his machines. Having researched it, I know it is a tough nut to crack. My question is relating to the fact the S&D doesn't detect it. Apparently isn't even aware of the issue.

    eBlaster is a 'made for the purpose' Key Logger, Screen Logger, Traffic Logger, and frankly, it is a very good piece of software. Law inforcement in Americe uses it to do some of the sometimes neferious things they do. If the cops use it, it is probably good. $99.00 USD last I checked.

    My issue is that while there are several vendors that advertise detection, the price to remove is somewhat high. Please keep in mind the victim (at least in this case) is going to be victimised again to remove.

    eBlaster Technical Support (very knowlegable, helpful, and professional) basically has said ... RELOAD!

    What is your take on this?


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    Cool Keyloggers & special interests = bad news

    I've been reading about government and big business keyloggers for years. Ever since "Magic Lamp" was exposed, powers that be have made extra efforts to keep detection on these products secret secret.

    Personally, I don't trust any company that sells you a fix, and never, ever purchase those products. Norton is a prime example of companies providing the chaos, then charging for the control. Bloggers indicate first hand knowledge of virus creation coming from the same sources, as the cure. Norton and Mcafee both recognized the dangers of keyloggers, and initialy handled them, only to backstep, and doubletalk the dangers of these items, and specifically exclude detection of them.

    I have read blog after blog from system administrators, and developers who have been approached to not handle certain issues in the "interest of public safety". They are often subtly manipulated to change their views regarding detection of certain programs, if not outright threatened to be shut down.

    If you stand for freedom, and integrity, issues like these are top priority. I'm allways willing to check out freeware, and solution methods to remove these type of "malwares". No matter what your reasoning, if your computer is acting like Big Brother, it's malware.

    Any tips on general locations, or file or registry type searches that may reveal these keyloggers? How do you generally acquire a keylogger?

    I am also interested to know what the developers of Spybot S & D have to say about this type of issues.

    Not having enough reference to speak intelligently on the processes involved with detecting keyloggers... It is only speculation when I call for a freeware that can detect any and all keyloggers, as well as silent scripts, then chew them up, and spit them out.

    "Mr Keylogger cordially invites you to the temple of light for personal cleansing. You're presence is immediately requested, and your opinions are irrelevent."

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