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Thread: [Fixed] Repeatable Crash

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    Default [Fixed] Repeatable Crash

    Open Spybot, go to "Recovery": Try to close Spybot, it will crash every time.

    I don't know for certain when this started, but I do see it now, after having run a scheduled scan last night and then installing today's update and immunizing.

    (Incidentally, I had to immunize twice: The first time, the process ended with eight unimmunized entries in Windows, Global Hosts.)

    (Incidentally the second: I have yet to receive any meaningful input about the fact that every week, when I run a scheduled Spybot session, I am told that Delrina Winfax failed to open. This never happened with earlier releases of Spybot; it started with the Beta Test versions. At least with, I was not asked if I wanted Spybot to run when I restarted the computer, but I still got the annoying Delrina problem.)

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    Created a bugtracker entry for it (issue 38).
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