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Thread: Spybot & cleartype

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    Default Spybot & cleartype

    Hi, i own a laptop with cleartype font smoothing enabled: some apps, including spybot, doesn't support it, resulting in jagged fonts.

    Could this be solved? i know is only a marginal problem, but there are a lot LCD users out there, and this should be only a "don't use MS sans Serif font" question.

    Thx anyway for the great work you are doing!

    UPDATE: Actually, the menu bar is cleartyped, but the other text not.
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    Zanet, this isn't a proper answer, but it might be useful to you anyway.

    One of my friends who recently got an LCD had to team it up with Windows 98 and his own very poor vision.

    As a result he spent hours, maybe days, tweaking the display. Now, I wasn't there to see it, but he told me that by the time he was finished, he had that LCD looking WAY better than its original display had been. And he learned--so he said, anyway--that new LCDs are really set up to a pretty casual mas-produced generic standard.

    He claimed that any LCD could be "ultra-tweaked" to provide far better resolution. He was talking about looking at definition with a magnifying glass.

    Of course it helps when programs are in sync with your technology, but he was so enthusiastic that I think it might not be a bad idea to prowl the internet and find out just how well you can put your monitor's specifics together with your machine. He claims his (low-priced) monitor looks as good as the most expensive one he's ever seen.

    Just a thought.

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