One day Mortimer was thinking that he needs a break and the sun is shining, so he decides to do his favorite thing; eat grass; hopefully he don't become green. But he did and became ill that he has to ask the Martians for help, they said see the Venetians. But they just threw pie that was so sweet that it was inedible, so the Venetians looked at him, hosted him and all teleport in their vassal, including Mortimer, saying they have a cure for him.. and holy shit that is eating turnips smothered in ketchup!! So he decides to do the cure, but it doesn't work so he became green.So, the Venetians say,'Oops,but that was our aim,we thought you'd prefer being half a human half a Martian, because we saw a hero in you that can save the universe from the green, green grass of grasstopia,the most evil,grassy green planet where only live grass monsters and giant termites.