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Thread: Spybot 1.5 - Immunisation hang

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    On a file system level, multiple Mozilla-tools share the same configuration files - these would be used by Netscape, Mozilla and SeaMonkey, for example. Since it's unclear which application you use them with, we just use one icon for all these
    So is the SeaMonkey icons one for what? Seeing how I don't have SeaMonkey why are they there?
    What is Netscape using?

    The "\SOFTWARE" Internet Explorer ones are global, valid for all users of your computer. The ".DEFAULT" one is a template that is copied to each new users profile.
    Ok I am the only one that uses this computer and only have one profile so do I need to have both "\SOFTWARE" and ".DEFAULT" checked?

    The "4" I referred to are Cookies, Images, Installations, Popups. They're all stored in the same file. So if Spybot-S&D would group them into just one entry, it would do the same, but it would take only a quarter (well, more, but still less than the current solution) of the time since it's just one and not four entries. But that would at the same time "steal" control from you if you for example would want to immunize only parts of it.
    Ok I got you now. Seeing how I was talking about the 4 SeaMonkey I was not sure what the 4 you was taking about.

    Note post here where about it also 30 minutes to undo all that was Immunise.
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    For the record, once downloading 1,5, Firefox became virtually unusable on several computers I use/maintain. i had to remove the Firefox immunization in order for FF to run, as normal.

    If there is a better option, I'd love to hear it.

    Thanks so much

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