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Nope, the AVG entries are from the initial install of AVG, I never empty temp folders of run any cleaners during an install (besides you can see from the screenshot they aren't pointing to a temp folder, its pointing to the AVG test center exe).
And the ctfmon was disabled (via startup and followed by the MS instructions here) straight after my Windows install.

Don't know they are showing up then. Not sure if what is list would point always to the temp folder or not because things happen many way on a reboot and the run once and with WinPatrol I have seen many that look like that but you also have it pointing to other places.
I have the AVGW.EXE file also but not in the startup.
WinPatrol also shows more listed in the startup then spybot does. Like WinParol showes in the startup 28 things and if I check the Secret startup box option you have on the Plus version I have 31 things listed.

So maybe others will know if it is safe to delete.
Those that know how to read and help on HijackThis logs are good at things like this.