There are a few things you can do to help with beta-testing.
  1. Keep an eye on our project manager

    If you are using any kind of RSS reader (News & Blogs in Thunderbird, Firefox, ...), you can subscribe to this RSS feed:
  2. If you see new entries there, vote whether you can reproduce a bug / wish some feature request implemented as well. It's a single click really:

    This is more helpful than posting a reply like "I want that, too", since it'll be added to the count in the overview, which helps us shifting priorities (depending on enough participation).
    Also, doing this will be helpful even on already implemented features/fixed bugs.
  3. If you see a bug you know has been fixed and a test is available (e.g. here or directly inside the issue),

    and there are no (or not much) comments about the fix, you can test it and post a short reply "Fix confirmed":
  4. If you want to report a problem, report it as a normal topic here and try to describe your problem similar to the way project tools issues use: Situation, Expected and Experienced are usually quite helpful in creating an easy to read report.