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Thread: Would Spybot do this? Nah...Spybot wouldn't do this?!?

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    Question Would Spybot do this? Nah...Spybot wouldn't do this?!?

    Hi Safer! I finally got in!! LOL! Here is question. Would Spybot keep me from getting on some of my websites? For instance, I have an account with Yahoo since forever, now I can't login with either my UserID nor passcode and the same is true of Bravenet, the CarePlace and MSN. I have not switched to Advanced spybot. And it says that I have no bots and not problems and so does my McAfee. Can you help me? Blessings-Beauty

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    There are some sites that require you allow certain cookies to be stored or else their site will not work properly. If these cookies are either third party cookies (tracking cookies) or have been determined by Team Spybot to present a privacy concern, it is possible that they are blocked by either Spybot's immunization or Spybot's resident "SDHelper" (Internet Explorer bad download blocker).

    So the answer is yes, it is possible that Spybot, by blocking certain cookies, could prevent you from accessing certain sites or that certain facilities within those sites will to not work properly because of security concerns.

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