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Thread: mailskinner rtk can someone confirm.....

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    Default !!!!!!! Mailskinner !!!!!!!

    hallo groucho and all Other,

    as i wrote, the warning message of SB about the "Mailskinner" is a FALSE POSITIVE !!!!!!!
    Do nothing in this problem, but wait for the promised new update, as i have been informed from the
    The only thing you possibly will get, are much more and real problems.
    It is not good to awake a sleeping lion.
    ----->means if you had no problems until now, you will have them.

    kind geetings


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    I actually couldn't agree more PepiMK.

    Also...I don;t know what it is, but the 'puter with-*out* Kaspersky version 2009 alway finds --> Microsoft Direct Draw <--, a few cookies I missed, same with history if I'm tired, same with Explorer.

    Sure drr...I agree too.
    If I had my wish in a perfect world...I'd never find anything, but this isn't and I'm not (finding anything).

    That's what concerns me.

    And no..Kaspersky does not warn you until you're 1/2 way thru a 20-30 minute procedure to update versions to 09 that Spybot's GOING AWAY, whether you like it or not.

    BS!..I say!

    Here's the sticky on their forum on the upgrade:
    Installing version 2009:

    The somewhat informed user guides to Kaspersky 2009, Everything you didn't need to know.............(I didn't bother with it...maybe I should have, I was too anxious about Norton Cr**):


    Download the latest Kaspersky product updates, Latest version is 2009
    (build CF2)

    Do you guys spot Anything about SpyBot?
    I sure didn't.

    What's the consensus, please?

    A fresh reinstall, or removal...which I'd HATE to do!

    The only reason I think it even works the deal on a search of these forums about unchecking one box.

    Can't find it now, but it's done.

    Advice if anyone has the time, Please?

    Gotta go to work. (sh"" !)


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    As I recalll there have been 2) small updates the week of 12/1/08 that were supposed to have corrected F/P's.

    So if False Positives were the problem --> Then Cheers to the Spybot/Safer Networking people.

    I must have toooooo many Cases going with defective Operating Systems with Micro$oft.
    After dealing them....I was under the impression that F/P's meant:
    F***ed UP Programs.

    Thanks again Spybot crew!


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