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Thread: Can't Download Update File

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    Question Can't Download Update File

    Hye guys, Having some trouble downloading the update file. It keeps saying:!!!BadChecksum!!!

    Any idea when I will be able to download this file??

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    "Bad Checksum" problems are usually caused by overloaded download servers.

    To change download servers and for a workaround for "Bad Checksum" errors please see:

    Note: The download server can be changed after the "Search for Updates" and before clicking "Download Updates". So if you find a server that works well, you can start by using that server in the future. Also note that if you want (not necessarily recommended) you can select a server and then right on the button and "Set this server as the preferred download location". If you do that Spybot will select that sever rather than a random server for future updates.

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