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Thread: thumb drive in the clutches of a trojan

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    Default thumb drive in the clutches of a trojan

    AVG tells me that I have a Trojan backdoor on my thumb drive. Though AVG says the file has been healed, it has not - the trojan keeps showing up on re-scans and it does not show up in the virus vault.

    I want to run spybot on my thumb drive. Could you please give me instructions on how I can do that. Please explain in dummy language, cuz when it comes to this stuff, my knowledge is somewhere below the "dummy" level.

    Also, I see the file that the trojan is on. Can I just open the thumb drive and delete that file without infecting my PC?
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    There are no settings within Spybot to scan specific drives and it is not normally necessary. Unlike anti-virus programs and some other anti-spyware programs, Spybot does not do an in-depth scan of every file on the primary drive. For a brief description of how Spybot scans see:

    There is a special scan for Spyware installers (files not installed yet) that can be limited to specific directories (actually it should be limited) which can be located on either internal or external drives. To activate this feature go into Spybot > Mode > Advanced mode > Settings > Directories and add directories. There is more on what this feature scans for here:

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