After SpyBot started incorrectly detecting iTunes 6.02 as spyware on my system (it is not), and reading the subsequent information in the news post at , I have removed SpyBot S&D from my system and all systems which I administer. Spybot has been useful in the past, but with this move I fear that it's usefulness as an anti-spyware tool has come to an end.

I do regret that the people who make SpyBot S&D, a fine piece of software, have decided to attempt to use the software to further their own agenda by badmouthing Apple, or any other company, in an unfair manner. The goal of anti-spyware software should be to detect legitimate threats, not to further what is essentially a politically motivated agenda. The fact of the matter is that iTunes makes it perfectly clear that the data in question is being sent out from the computer immediately after the installation, and gives the option to turn it off then. Spyware that asks if it's okay to send out its data is not spyware, friends.

In any case, Spybot S&D is no longer a part of my arsenal, nor will it ever be again. It simply can no longer be trusted as an accurate source of detection information. I can no longer use nor recommend it for any security concious individual.

Thanks for the memories. :(