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Thread: Look2Me and other, HELP please

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    Default Look2Me and other, HELP please

    Been a while since I last needed to post (that's a good thing). However, needing to post now, I looked all over the web site and I can't find the instructions on the information needed to post, so I'm going by memory. If someone can reference me to that document (how to post a problem), I'd appreciate it.

    So, as best I can, here goes:

    1) Running Windows XP on a laptop with wireless capabilities
    2) problem is random (and continual) instances of IE starting, all with various spam
    3) attempts to fix so far:
    I tried a few virus/spyware checkers/removers, and ran them a few times. After removing a bunch of found items, this is what I get on my latest runs:

    ewido c:\windows\system32\cyfgnt.dll Spyware.Look2Me (2 instances of this)
    ewido c:windows\system32\dirgres.dll Spyware.Look2Me
    ewido c:windows\system22\qngr.dll Spyware.Look2Me
    ewido c:\windows\system32\sforage.dll Spyware.Look2Me

    an immediate repeat of ewido scan found only the 2 instances of cyfgnt.dll with a message saying there was an error during cleaning

    upon reboot I get an immediate ewido alert for c:\windows\system32\cynsole.dll Spyware.Look2Me
    upon reboot I get an immediate ewido alert for c:\windows\system32\wjbvw.dll Spyware.Look2Me

    spybot no threats found

    webroot spy sweeper Adware found:Command (1 item, 9 traces)
    webroot spy sweeper hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\enum\root\legacy_cmdservice (9 entries here)
    deleted via spy sweeper, but an immediate repeat scan found exactly the same results

    avast scan at highest level (thorough) scan found no infections

    So for some reason Look2Me and Command are identified, but not able to be deleted. I ran a SpybotS&D report, it was too large to attach, so I have posted it here:

    Any help/guidance, much appreciated. Thanks,


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    Go here and follow instructions.
    Before you post a log

    Someone will then take a look at the system and advise you as soon as available to do so.

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