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Thread: HOSTS file available seperately

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    Default HOSTS file available seperately

    Would it be possible to have the HOSTS file entries as a seperate download? e.g. This would make things easier for people like myself who use multiple HOSTS files via a HOSTS manager, as I could just add this address to the HOSTS manager rather than they way I do it now. At the minute I use my HOSTS manager to update the offer 5 HOSTS files I uses and then have to launch Spybot & re-immunize to add the 4000 or so entries not in the other HOSTS files.
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    I think someone recently asked as well, and we were kind of unsure because some of the first entries we used ever were coming from another list - we were granted the right to use them in Spybot-S&D, but we never talked about re-granting those rights to others, and that person who created the first list is no longer reachable.

    To get a "clean" solution, I guess we would have to take the hosts file as it is now, substract those entries from the very first list, then re-add from it what has been gathered from our own research or other sources which would allow us to spread it stand-alone, and see how large the difference would be.

    Another issue would be the last topic in this new feature request I just added: if we decide to revert entries for no longer active sites, to speed up systems, a separate application-readable hosts file would make it much easier for malware authors to monitor the domains we would withdraw from the list.
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