Hello everyone, I just finished registering here, although I have been using Spybot for years now, I can kick myself in the butt for not registering a long time ago, although I have donated before and I do plan on donating again come payday , I just wanted to make this first post here to say thank you all who work hard to keep this program going and to let everyone know that this program rocks! I just downloaded this last night on a friends computer of mine because I noticed one of those fake anti-virus programs he got conned into downloading was telling him he had this that and the third wrong with it so I ran Spybot and it took that and HEEEEEP more off for him its running smooth now and malware free, I told him not to thank me but to thank you guys and make a donation when he can and he told me he would, after I registered I looked at the updates here in the forums and sure enough posted yesterday was that Personal Anti Virus malware program listed ( you guys are on top of it with updates GOOD JOB FELLAS ) I refer everyone I know even my customers ( I’m a computer Tech for a cyber cafe ) to Spybot and tell them to donate if they like the program and have the extra cash. So again thanks to everyone who helps make spybot the gr8 program it is and keep up the good work guys you rock!