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Thread: Multi-users on one computer

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    Default Multi-users on one computer


    I purchased a three user license and installed it on three computers one being my daughter's. There are two user accounts on the computer and when her husband signs in he is not allowed to scan and purge infected files because it shows as "Unregistered".

    How do I fix this? I tried having him enter the User Code and Serial Number but it said that the serial number is invalid which I know is not true because it works fine on the other two computers and on my daughter's sign-in.

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    Well, I'm afraid you were cheated

    Spybot-S&D fully works, donation or not, same service for everyone, etc.

    We do not block cleaning, we do not block scanning, we do not even have any "Unregistered" warnings. nor serial numbers. If people want to donate, fine, but we want to persuade them through quality, not through such silly enforcements

    Some companies spread rogue software using our name in advertisement though, the most popular example probably being "SpywareBot".

    I suggest you download the real Spybot-S&D from our server, and try to get your money back from whoever sold you the fake one. If they don't cooperate, you can always call your credit card company and tell them it was fraud, in which case you'll get your money back as well.
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