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Thread: Spybot Christmas Presents, Part 1: Bootable CD

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    This error appears if the computers RAM is too small. This can happen when due to the fact that our detection rules steadily increase in size. A solution is to enlarge the RAM of the computer, the current save minimum is 768MB.
    We are currently also looking for other solutions so that users with 512MB do not encounter this issue anymore.

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    Default spybot v1.6.2

    I made the disk. with win XP pro sp3.
    loaded on friends computer that has trojan bug that does not allow to load SB.
    loaded the CD went to SB and did its thing. said Congratulations.

    Only that he booted up this morning and right back where he left.
    still with bug ?
    He said that he tried to go to start and control panel only to be denied?

    He did load SpotMozilla and it said 127 files corrupted. wants monies to remove?
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