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Thread: eeekk! 1.5 install woes, it's back to 1.4

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    My Os is Win98SE, AMD XP cpu, monitoring temps, everything clean, cool and working:with the exception of the normal crashes of Win98.

    I think I've been with Spybot since 1.1 or something like that. The next to latest, 1.4 + updates, has worked perfectly, although it takes a very long time to go through its check.

    I took off 1.4, tried to install 1.5. The install didn't work right. it gave no notice of a finish, restart computer, ready to run, etc.

    I did find the program in my programs folder. Tried to run it. Nothing happened.

    Then 24 seconds later, the spybot splash screens came on, but were incomplete. My system crashed. The only way out was a hard shut-down.

    Also, I noticed that when the spybot boxes came on, that my floppy drive became active and thrashed. This did not happen in 1.4.

    With the system crash, I uninstalled 1.5 from the program s folder and from the registry any mention of S&D as well as TeaTimer.

    With things cleaned up, I tried again.

    The same thing happened. Except this time it took out my nVidia driver.

    I checked on at their downloads section and saw that they have downgraded spybot 1.5 to only 3 stars. The editor's review said they had many problem with install--. sounded familiar.

    Once again I tried. This time it acted the same as the first try, only my system didn't freeze.

    I went to program files, clicked the exe, and as before, nothing, until 24 seconds later, when it the startup boxes appeared (either blank or with partial information), and my floppy (A drive) thrashed for about 5 seconds. It acted as if it were seeking a disk.

    Right now I have the S&D part running. It just finished. Actually, it took much less time to go through the system than 1.4, by about 20 minutes!

    However, it didn't come up with the same info 1.4 always did, such as the potential for spyware in MS media player as it reports back to MS. It did find one, spyware hit. So, I guess it's sort of working, faster and not as complete as 1.4.

    I right clicked TeaTimer that's in the TaskBar.
    A small, blank box came up.
    Every two seconds, from the bottom up, a section disappeared, until nothing was left--although TeaTimer is still running. ???
    I have no control over TeaTimer.

    So, 1.5 definitely does not like my Win98SE nor my nVidia video, nor does TeaTimer like my system. (I also tried loading it on Win XP 2005 media. It failed, with a notice of missing dll--MSV90 or something like that--a visual basic dll.)

    Unless, someone can offer suggestions, I guess it's back to 1.4. --why is the floppy being activated?


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    We already have located the startup problems in Spybot S&D version 1.5 and fixed it.
    Here is the download file for the fix: the new Spybot beta

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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    thanks sandra

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