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Thread: AdwareAlert detected by Spybot?

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    Default AdwareAlert detected by Spybot?

    First off - hi! I'm a new member, so please forgive me if this has been asked/answered/reanswered. I've searched the forums before I posted this and I'm pretty sure my problem wasn't answered.

    While reading the results from my search, I kept seeing posts saying AdwareAlert is a "rogue" antispyware program. Does this mean I just wasted $70 on their unlimited renewal because the program won't remove the spyware it says I have?

    My problem is this: every time I run Spybot (which I feel more comfortable running), I get 8 AdwareAlert entries (6 directories and 2 registry keys). So... please tell me in layman's terms. Does AdwareAlert actually do more harm than good with planting false positives of spyware, adware, and malware? Recently, I have been getting a lot more trojans since I renewed, but I assumed it was a game site's advertisements causing the problems. Could it really have been AdwareAlert?

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    Note on AdwareAlert: AdwareAlert was listed on this page because of concerns with false positives and the lack of information about the company and its privacy practices. In late fall of 2005, a new version of AdwareAlert was released, followed by new definitions. Testing with this new version indicates that the problems with earlier versions have been satisfactorily resolved. Thus, we can no longer consider AdwareAlert to be "rogue/suspect" anti-spyware.

    [A: 5-8-05 / U: 12-15-05]

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    However, while certain products may be de-listed, it does not mean they are recommended.

    That an application has been de-listed should not be understood as an endorsement or recommendation of any kind. We still recommend that users consult the short list of "trustworthy" anti-spyware applications.
    SpywareBot exploits name "Spybot Search & Destroy"; same app as AdwareAlert [A: 5-14-06 / U: 1-9-07]
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