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Thread: No Threats Found - different PC issue

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    Default No Threats Found - different PC issue

    Not long ago I saw a short article on this site for SpyBot sd - not finding threats. It stated that there are some spyware that have the ability to hinder programs like SpotBot Sd from finding threats. I am unable to find that article anymore on this site and I think I am experiancing that problem. When I check for problems I see 0/30 problems found at the bottom and then Congratulations! no threates found.

    Please help

    Thank you


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    Quote Originally Posted by thetechguy
    When I check for problems I see 0/30 problems found at the bottom …
    It doesn’t sound like you are checking of all possible detections. In the status bar, during a scan, you should see the display "Running bot-check(xxxxx/yyyyy:zzzzzz)". After the 2005-11-04 updates (without the ▀Detection rules) the scan counts (yyyyy value) should be:
    • Without Usage tracks - 31110
    • With Usage tracks - 33709
    Look in Spybot > Mode > Advanced mode (say “Yes” to the warning if necessary) > Settings > File Sets. You should see a list like the one in the attachment below.

    Make sure that the list is complete. If the list is complete, make sure that everything is checked except the possibly the last two items. The last two items are "Usage Tracks" and should only be checked if you want to check for them (I personally don't). The first of these two items (Usage Tracking) lists IE Cache (temporary internet files), Common Dialogs, Cookies and some Logs. The second is other "Usage Tracks".

    If the list is not complete, try downloading and executing the following manual update file (spybotsd_includes.exe) and see if the File Sets list gets updated properly. The file is available from
    • Detection updates 2005-11-03 - product description
      md5: 8C06DC9709882C8E8DDBCE1C4FA50E43

      This updates the detection rules. Only needed if you do not want to use the update function integrated into Spybot-S&D.
    Note after downloading the file and before executing it make sure that you exit Spybot.

    Please post back with what you find. The problem with just a small number of items being search immediately after the installation of Spybot 1.4 has occurred before. In the past I recommended another method to fix the problem. But that method was more involved and I think that the downloading and executing spybotsd_includes.exe may work just as well to fix the problem.
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