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Thread: Why i must reboot since Spybot 1.5 ?

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    Unhappy Why i must reboot since Spybot 1.5 ?

    At first, sorry for my bad english.
    Since Spybot 1.5 there come a notification when i installed Spybot 1.5.
    But why i must reboot ?
    Spybot 1.5 don't work 100% when i don't reboot after a installation or what ?
    With Spybot 1.4 i didn't must reboot or anything. But why with 1.5 ?

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    That usually depends on the files in use, both in 1.4 and 1.5. A fresh installation doesn't need you to reboot, but if the installation needs to replace files in use, e.g. a running TeaTimer, Internet Explorer (that uses the SDHelper plugin) or similar, it asks you to reboot to replace those files during reboot.
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