WildTangent's software has never been spyware. It's never installed without a users express permission, it does not self update without the installing user accepting a EULA and choosing automated patching. The updater never tracked any personally identifiable information, it was used to automatically update games to fix game bugs or deal with new driver or OS bugs. WildTangent's games and old updaters all come with full standard windows uninstall support. If a user uses S&D to remove the old versions of the WT updater it can damage the updater and break the standard uninstaller causing the updater to run rogue. The best thing to do in this case is reinstall the game from its original source, then uninstall it. This process will fix the broken updater then remove it cleanly.

Modern Wildtangent games and the WildTangent game console no longer self update because of consumer spyware concerns. All WildTangent game updates are now manual requiring the user to expressly request a patch.

-Alex St. John
WildTangent CEO