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    Exclamation Fake MS email phish delivers Zeus via Java vuln ...


    Fake MS email phish delivers Zeus via Java vuln ...
    Last Updated: 2012-09-01 - "Thanks to Susan Bradley for reporting this to ISC.
    We're receiving multiple reports of a phishing campaign using the template from a legitimate Microsoft email regarding Important Changes to Microsoft Services Agreement and Communication Preferences.
    The legitimate version of this email is specific to a services agreement seen here*, per a change to Microsoft services as of 27 AUG. The evil version of this email will subject victim to a hyperlink that will send them to a Blackhole-compromised website, which will in turn deliver a fresh Zeus variant... (evil) email including the following header snippet:
    Received: from [] ([]) by
    inbound94.exchangedefender .com (8.13.8/8.13.1) with ESMTP id q7VFDPjO029166
    A legitimate header snippet:
    Received: from smtpi.msn .com ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4900) is in China, is Microsoft. The legitimate email will include a hyperlink for , which points to the above mentioned services agreement.
    (Obfuscated to protect the innocent): The phishing mail will instead include a hyperlink to the likes of allseasons****.us, radiothat****.com, and likely a plethora of others. I assessed radiothat****.com and was redirected to 209.x.y.14 which is running the very latest Blackhole evil as described on 28 AUG by Websense in this post**.
    Source code review of the web page served included <applet/code="ndshesa.ndshesf"/archive="Leh.jar"><param/nam=123 name=uid value="N013:011:011:04:037:061:061:047:034:076:074:0102:076:074:
    The VirusTotal link for Leh.jar is here(3), and the VirusTotal link for the Zeus variant offered is here(4)...
    Contemplate disabling Java(5) until the -next- update(6) is released..."



    File name: Leh.jar
    Detection ratio: 8/42
    Analysis date: 2012-09-01 05:28:51 UTC

    File name: updateflashplayer.exe
    Detection ratio: 6/42
    Analysis date: 2012-09-01 01:00:31 UTC


    inetnum: -
    netname: TSINGHUA-CN
    country: CN
    origin: AS4538
    ... 231 site(s)... served content that resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google tested a site on this network was on 2012-09-02, and the last time suspicious content was found was on 2012-09-02... We found 27 site(s)... that infected 743 other site(s).

    "... If you want to test whether you’ve successfully disabled Java, check out Rapid7's page, ."

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