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    Thumbs down Fake "SecureMessage" SPAM ...


    Fake "SecureMessage" SPAM / infiesdirekt .asia, pacesetting .asia and siteswillsrockf .net
    23 Dec 2012 - "Another fake "SecureMessage" spam leading to malware, the same in principle to this spam run* and again hosted on the same Serverius-owned** IPs of and There are several variants of the spam, but they are all very similar and look something like this:
    Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 14:26:32 +0530
    From: "Secure.Message"
    Subject: Alert: New message
    Click here to view the online version.
    Hello [redacted],
    You have 4 new messages.
    Read now
    Copyright 2012 SecureMessage. All rights reserved.
    If you would like to update your profile or unsubscribe, please click here.
    If you require Technical Support, please check Support Center for information.

    ... suspect that there is more malicious activity in the range and blocking access to it would be a very good thing to do. These are the malicious domains that I can currently identify on those IPs..."
    (Long list at the dynamoo URL above.)


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