I've been dealing with a nasty redirector that hijacks my IE and Firefox threads for about 4 months ( Of course, none of the COTS were of any help...nor was IE Doctor or Windows Defender. Trend would identify that the spyware was there and dangerous, and prevent the redirect...but couldn't clean or fix it, leaving me with a seriously crippled browser.

I hit the forums...scouring for someone to help. I was told to download HiJack this and provide log info...but the log info didn't identify anything. I stumbled across the Spywareinfo.com forums and joined. Their "Before you start, read this" topic suggested Spybot Search and Destroy as the first thing to do before even posting a problem there.

Downloaded and ran SS&D...and WALA! Problem found, and problem fixed! Now...I'm no propeller head when it comes to a deep understanding of windows registry and attacks like this, but I'm not a novice either. I appreciate you saving me from my last resort..."Format C:" and reload windows.

I just donated $50...with the exception of my Lasix surgery, it's the best money I've ever spent.

Thank you very much!

Damn Yankee