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Thread: GUI change

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    Default GUI change

    Hey I was just reading and thought that this may be a better way to organize the icons. Right now they are in two completely separate areas, and some are hidden by default. I think they should all be put in imunize or maybe a new protection tab. I realize that this (default hidden) is to protect people from themself, but you should also try to have spybot try harder to protect them. The Spybot resident could have two run modes normal (how it is now) and easy. In easy it would block known bad processes and maybe some other things that can be always correct (a black list) such as host entries, sites in trusted zones, file creation. It should then inform the user of the item being blocked and possibly offer to run a full scan to make sure their system is clean. I would be happy to help compile a black list. A final idea, when you click "Immunize" spybot could also ask you if you want add the host file. I find this to be one of the least used system because many people simpily dont know it is there. Do you like my ideas?

    Oops, Sorry about the wrong forum.
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