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Thread: Immunizing problem and fixing problems!

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    Unhappy Immunizing problem and fixing problems!

    Okay, I have a very confusing problem. My aunt bought this new laptop. Apparently, she got some spyware already, so I downloaded Spybot for her since it works great on my computer. She runs a vista, but my problem is that whenever I try to Immunize or Delete any spyware tells me that I'm not the administrator. I checked and I am. I asked my aunt and she said that it is and she doen't have any other accounts on the laptop. So I need some help fixing this. I just updated it to see if that worked but no luck there. So please help me.

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    Windows Vista might tell you that you are not being allowed to operate at the administration level of your computer.
    You can solve this problem as follows:
    Right-click the Spybot - Search & Destroy entry in your start menu,
    instead of just left-clicking to start it.
    Then, choose Run as administrator from the context menu.
    You will find a screenshot of this problem in our FAQ:

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