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Thread: TeaTimer problem...

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    Default TeaTimer problem...

    Hi, a while back I accidentally blocked a process with tea timer that seems to be perfectly fine (while trying to get rid of google toolbar), and now I constantly have error messages popping up while using internet explorer.

    12/19/2007 8:50:23 PM Denied (based on user decision) value "swg" (new data: "C:\Windows\system32\regsvr32.exe") changed in System Startup user entry!

    Apparently blocking a process with tea timer is much easier than unblocking one as this doesn't appear as blocked in the black/white list of tea timer, so I can't undo it that way; my question is, how or what do I need to change in the registry or whatever so that this process gets unblocked?

    Thanks for any help.

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    The changes are only added to the black and white list if you have marked "remember this decision".
    So if you want to undo a change try to perform the action again. The TeaTimer should ask you once again for allow and deny.

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