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Thread: ShareazaV4 - FAKE and contains spyware

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    Default ShareazaV4 - FAKE and contains spyware

    Message to the creators of Spybot:

    "Fake" version of Shareaza (4.0) being posted at the site.

    currently Spybot S&D does not detect this as spyware or malware.

    Read the details about this "fake" version of Shareaza at these sites:

    OFFICIAL Shareaza downloads should now be obtained at the Shareaza Sourceforge site:
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    hmm, it looks like the latest detection files have made Spybot mark the web site as possible threat. noted here:

    I wonder if PepiMK would find the time to write an article warning users to download Shareaza at and to avoid downloading the fake one at Remember, true authentic versions of Shareaza are freeware and are 100% spyware-free.

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    Hi there,

    File Sharing, otherwise known as Peer To Peer. (P2P)

    Open Source File Sharing Programs Open source programs are distributed under a license that allows for repackaging and redistribution.

    In a nutshell this means the program could be modified by unscrupulous parties to bundle malware and then passed off as the original application.

    Download programs from the official web site of the program's developer.
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