good morning! new forum user. Had to find a way to gain administrator rights to fully immunize. I did the right click thing over and over and over - didn't take. Searched forum site and read all the posts/links offered. Still not working. BTW.. I have administrator rights... just wouldn't 'take'.

Finally..... on the last post I opened, I found something from a Spybot person. She said:

the browser must be closed for full immunization.

What a pain.. but did it anyway and BINGO! full immunization!!
So I guess every time I immunize and some are left over, I'll have to log off internet connection and immunize, but at least it will work.

What I'd like to see is this information in the Spybot Help page... because I did the right click thing over and over and over and have been dealing with this for 2 months, which has taken a LOT of my time, to no avail. I have unchecked global hosts, researched global hosts, Googled for solutions, gone to Cnet, read Spybot help over and over and finally, found the forum with a thread with the solution.

Please Spybot, put this on your help page that says to right click on Spybot and click Run as Administrator. Maybe that works for some people, but judging from the posts I read, not all.