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Thread: Microsoft Windows Search Filter Host

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    Question Microsoft Windows Search Filter Host

    I've got a new Vista machine with a new firewall. I am constantly being interrupted to ok the program Windows Search Filter Host request to connect to the web. Spybot does not find this program to be a problem, but I want to know what any program on my computer is doing trying to connect to the internet 3 or 4 times a minute when I am not doing any searching or any other thing that would require a search and certainly nothing that requires connection to the internet. It's reporting something to someone, I just don't know what and to whom. Any ideas, folks?

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    Not complete info,by any means,but there is a thread here about searchfilterhost:

    I guess you know,from your description,that searchfilterhost.exe is related to search in Vista,but there's a little more description here:

    This is where searchfilterhost.exe should be located in Vista:

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