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Thread: Black Box, Am I being Watched??

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    Default Black Box, Am I being Watched??

    Does anyone recognize Blackbox.dll? I stumbled upon these entries in my directory:


    This is a computer at work, and I have signed no privacy statements/agreements. Should I be concerned? If so, any idea if/how it can be removed?


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    Please see Microsoft KB 891122
    Update for Windows Media Digital Rights Management-enabled players.

    Hope that helps.
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    Some information in addition to that provided by tashi:

    The blackbox.dll is a legitimate Windows dll file. However, determining whether your particular version of the file is legitimate or not depends on the directory location it executes or runs from, version, etc. The active file in my case is:
    • File: C:\WINDOWS\system32\blackbox.dll
    • Size: 286208
    • Version:
    • CRC-32: C80E7B18
    • MD5: 71291AF1500FC567C936E861A09C8424
    • SHA1: FB904179F3279B2C90F5E278AD64DF334ED82614
    • Creation: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 4:24:48 PM
    • Company name: Microsoft Corporation
    • Internal name: blackbox.dll

    I also have other copies of the file in:
    • C:\I386\
      (the original software delivered with my system which was Windows XP Home SP1).
    • C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$\
      (which appears be the backup file for the upgrade from Windows XP Home SP1 to SP2)
    • C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386\
      (which appears be the new file for the upgrade from Windows XP Home SP1 to SP2)
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