Ok guess I should start at the beginning. For 36 hours I battled with a few bugs.
I used everything I could lay my hands on to eradicate them, but to no avail.
Any program used would rip it out, but on reboot it would appear back into the registry.
For hours on end, Xoftspy, Regcure, Avira AV, Adware 2007, Spybot were eliminating it, only to re-occur upon reboot.
Finally I succeeded with a very old program for cleaning the registry, it was made in 1999 and no further updates or revisions since 2001.
That is the program that located the little problem, and guided me to the exact path delete them.
All is now well, but now I find my taskbar is near the Start button, and my shortcut bar is near the clock?
I have tried everything I can think of to reverse these two without success. It is not a major drama, but is out of sync with what I am used to.
I am running Win2k with Sp4 if that assists in anyway.
Thankyou for any help.