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Thread: lpcznlovxk.exe

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    Default lpcznlovxk.exe

    What is this? I cant get any information on it to know if I really need it. I placed it on my black list because it kept popping up every 2-3 minutes. Here is the rest of the info:

    Registry system change denied:
    3/20/2008 11:11:03 PM Denied (based on user blacklist) value "lpcznlovxk" (new data: "c:\windows\system32\lpcznlovxk.exe lpcznlovxk") added in System Startup global entry!

    It seems to only be a annoyance when I am on the net.

    Any insight greatly appreciated,

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    If you are running Win2k it is not standard issue.

    It does not sound to be a MS product. The way it hounds when you are on the web, leads one to believe it could be a bug.

    I located my bugs in MS Internet Explorer in Registry, related to the browser bar. Once I killed it, it did not return.

    I suggest if you can put up with it a little longer, there will be more qualified people who would know whether this was a genuine issue with Xp.
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    Hello. Please see here about the Tavern.:

    I can't find any info on that either,and it looks kind of random.I think you were probably on the right track to Deny that,at least until you had more info on it.

    You also might want to get checked out in malware removal,too,to run on the safe side of things.

    The instructions are here:

    Malware Removal:

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