XP SP2 IE7, Administrator + 2 Limited user accounts.
McAfee: VS, FP, SA
AdAware SE
SpyBot, update detections 3/19/2008, SDHelper & TeaTimer running

Hi. Ok I've been having a problem w/SpyBot. I run a scan and it does complete the scan fully. If there is something to 'Fix' I do so, but it hangs at the Confirmation dialogue(thus the Fix is not completed). If there are no detections then SpyBot hangs at closure. In both cases I have to end the process w/Task Manager.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling as per directions in the SpyBot FAQ, including:
- uninstalling from Windows Add/Remove
- running the 'remove-spybotsd-settings.reg' fix
- Reboot
- Deletion of SpyBot folder in C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy loc.
- Deletion of SpyBot folder in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\
- Reboot
- Download and new install of SpyBot SD from the server links here at Spybot.

I've tried restoring to an earlier point and doing all of the above as well. The same problem remains of SpyBot hanging after completion of a scan.

I've tried turning TeaTimer off when scanning. Browser is closed and no other programs besides McAfee are running.

I tried running Windows Disk Cleanup function to clean Temp files. Also cleared(very first thing I tried) cache of Internet Temp files/History/Cookies.

There were no alerts on any infections of virus/spyware/trojans etc prior to this problem starting.

I believe the problem started after I used CCleaner to clean the Index.dat file. I cannot restore to prior the CCleaner usage. I've also had an occasional side issue(probably b/c of the CC action) w/one of the Limited User accounts not finding it's Profile settings(TeaTimer had been asking to allow Default User Settings when switching Users). That seems to get fixed when rebooting. But the SpyBot fix has escaped me. Is it something in the Registry? I did use the 'SpyBot Reg fix' before reinstalling SpyBot to try to get a clean install.

Can someone please help me to get SpyBot to function properly? Forgive my stupidity w/CCleaner.

Thank you in advance for any help sent my way.