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Thread: This Tool Already In Spybot?

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    Default This Tool Already In Spybot?

    I believe the latest versions of Spybot already incorporate this tool - though it is not an explicit menu choice. I suppose Spybot simply uses it as part of it's procedure.

    Hence we don't really need to download and use the standalone version.

    Do we?

    regards. ab


    Isn't Spybot just the most incredible god-given help in times of dire need?

    And I haven't contributed a dime as yet.

    But I will.

    Don't worry.

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    Exactly, Spybot will use it as part of the regular scan, no action on your side required!

    The stand-alone version can be used to look for yet unknown threats though; while the integrated one uses heuristics and is able to detect stuff that was unknown at the last time of updating the database, it does so carefully and does not just show anything hidden like this one does. Of course, unless you know how to delve into the details of something shown to you as hidden, it would still offer you no additional benefit over just using an updated Spybot-S&D, except maybe for allowing you to report a possible yet undetected rootkit
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