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Thread: Disable "Allow paste operation via script"

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    When I first converted from IE 6 to IE 7 the blocking of access to the clipboard was the one of first things. My tests were successful in both blocking and allowing access to the clipboard with IE7 as they were under IE6.

    I noted the change in the name from:
    • Allow paste operation via script

    • Allow Programmatic clipboard access

    I considered how to publish the change in name for blocking the problem, but because your original alert was published back in February, I didn't do it (negligent on my part).

    In any case, I able to both allow and disallow the test Web page from accessing the clipboard by altering the "Allow Programmatic clipboard access" from "Enable" to "Disable".

    There are several things remember while testing; the "Custom Level" of "Security" settings must be set for each security zone individually (the test Web site is in the Internet zone), it appears that after making the change you must do an "OK", "OK" until the Internet Options dialog closes for the change to be affective and then the test Web page must be reloaded.

    Testing with "Testing this thing" in the clipboard at:


     Text From Your Clipboard?
    WARNING, TEXT RETRIEVED: (see below)
     Text From Your Clipboard?
    WARNING, TEXT RETRIEVED: (see below)
    Testing this thing
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